Hard drive geometry headache (slightly off topic)

Frederick Bowes fred at k1x.org
Tue Dec 9 14:23:52 PST 2003

>>> Now I had to move it to a new computer in which the bios detects a
>>> certian geometry, but then the system wont boot. No matter what I do
 > I had the same problem back in 4.5.  I worked around the problem by
> formating the hard drive with a Win98(Oh Boy) recovery floppy then
> ...
Formatting/fdisking under windows 98 or xp cd's didnt work for me, caused
the same trouble.

I've solved the problem and repreat it here for future generations reference
(: It appears that the MBR was infact corrupt, causing fdisk to get
the following command made the hd appear blank and let it all work again:

  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ad0 count=2000

(Yes i lost my data but the drive now works!) Thanks for ur help (:


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