Installation question...

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue Dec 9 14:09:33 PST 2003

> Hi list...I've a very low bandwidth and I need to download
> any of 5-RELEASES, do I need to download disc1 or mini-disc,
> I only need a fully functional OS with networking not
> packages, thanks...

Well, it is probably all about the same really.

The MNI_ISO is just the install system and it then pulls what it
needs to install over the net from a site you specify.
The disk 1 is the full system and doesn't have to pull stuff
over the net for installation.  But it is bigger because it 
has everything and so you pull the stuff downloading that ISO
rather than during the installation.

I have had better luck sustaining the downloads when 
the install system is doing it rather than when I was trying to
download the larger ISO, but that may just be my location.


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