Robert Downes bobsonsmee at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 9 13:07:59 PST 2003

Barry Skidmore wrote:

>Are there any users of apcupsd on the list?  If so, please respond to me
>privately.  I have a question about recommended UPS's that work well
>with FreeBSD.

I have used apcupsd before. I have an ancient old APC Back-UPS Pro 420 
with serial cable, and everything was working just dandy. Seems that 
almost any recent APC Back-UPS Pro or Smart-UPS is supposed to work with 

However, mine does not work with apcupsd anymore. I think this was my 
fault, as I tried to send data from my FreeBSD machine to the UPS, and 
later realised that my model does not allow this. So I think I may have 
fried the UPS data-line. Possibly it was something else, though, so 
let's hope some more intelligent UPS+FreeBSD users post to this thread.


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