export PATH ???

Scott W wegster at mindcore.net
Tue Dec 9 09:44:49 PST 2003

Xpression wrote:

>Hi again list, I've posted a question recently about
>uninstalling packages, in fact, when I installing changin
>the prefix path (eg.--prefix=/usr/local/package_name) it
>creates me some subdirs. The trouble is that I can't execute
>any installed program, until I put, for example: cd
>/usr/local/package_name/bin && ./program, anyone with this
>issue ??? Thanks...
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This isn't really a PATH issue, it's a fundamental dir structure layout 
problem.  I think I know what you're trying to do (keep all 
user-installed programs seperate), but if you insist on doing it that 
way (as opposed to leaving/using the default prefix /usr/local), you'll 
need to create symlinks into /usr/local/bin, which your default PATH 
presumably includes.

Bear in mind there's no guarantee that all ports will relocate to a 
different dfefault directory and work properly- they should, but I've 
ran across several that will look in the wrong/old location for config 
files, log files, etc...

The alternative is ugly, evil, and can slow down shell response 
significantly, which would require modifying your PATH for each and 
every package you install in the manner you specfied...

I've got to ask- what's wrong with leaving the default prefix alone?


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