How to Setup Reverse DNS on LAN?

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Tue Dec 9 05:50:27 PST 2003

When connecting via ssh to my FBSD boxes, it takes over a minute before the
connection is established.  Searching the archives suggests that this is due
to a failed reverse DNS lookup that must time out before connecting.
Suggestions include adding the hosts to the local host file which I've done.
However this does not seem to provide reverse DNS resolution which appears

For example, I have a Win XP machine at named 'bigdaddy' and a
FBSD box at named 'blacksheep'.  blacksheep contains a line in
/etc/hosts:             bigdaddy

Using the 'host' command, I see that 'bigdaddy' gets resolved:

blacksheep> host bigdaddy has address

But does not:

blacksheep> host
Host not found, try again.

Short of setting up named, is there a way to solve my problem?



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