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Aleksander Rozman - Andy andy at
Mon Dec 8 12:35:49 PST 2003

Hi !

I have just installed FreeBSD onto my notebook. I am using FreeBSD for 
quite some time, and now I decided to install it on my notebook (I got 
tired of both RedHat and Windows 2000, which both didn't work as they 
should (I had both installed on same computer)) and remove everything else 
from it.
Problem is that this notebok Toshiba, has *very* ugly system font. On 
RedHat I solved this problem, by giving higher resolution to text mode 
(which I what I would like to do here). I am wondering if this is also 
possible on freebsd. I use text mode a lot, so this is quite important, I 
use Xwindows only if I must...

Take care.

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