running freebsd with sendmail and qpopper

Marty Landman MLandman at
Mon Dec 8 12:31:05 PST 2003

At 02:35 PM 12/8/2003, Steve Bertrand wrote:

>Your client computer name does not need to be changed. As long as you
>have a zone file for your domain (face2interface.domain) and an mx
>record within that zone, then you can send mail to
>marty at face2interface.domain (given that you have set up your sendmail
>files correctly)

Eudora on the windows client complains that it can't resolve 
mail.face2interface.domain, and the results on the freebsd box are similar

Swami: ping mail.face2interface.domain
ping: cannot resolve mail.face2interface.domain: Unknown host

AFAIK I've set up everything as you said... should I post all the files to 
the list?

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