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Mon Dec 8 11:07:41 PST 2003


My name is Jorge L. Vargas and I am currently pursuing
an MS degree in Information Technology through ASPEN
University, Denver CO (online - As
part of the degree requirements I need to develop a
Capstone project applicable to the area of study; in
my case I selected Open Source Software as the area of

The project title, of which I am including the
proposal made to the university, is:

Is Open Source Software Ready for the Enterprise
Messaging and Collaboration Needs?

My intention is to research the Open Source messaging
and collaboration solutions readiness when compared
with proprietary alternatives, specifically MS
Exchange. What am I looking for? If you could help me
identifying case studies, references, evaluations or
any piece of information that compares MS Exchange
with Open Source email and groupware alternatives I
would really appreciate that. I really believe that
Open Source email and groupware is a viable
alternative for most modern organizations and intend
to develop a paper that helps any IT Manager to
understand and evaluate such alternative.  If you need
further information please feel free to contact me at:

Jorge L. Vargas
PO Box 141228
Arecibo, PR 00614-1228
Tel. 787-644-5300
Email: vargasjorgel at


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