It's very relevant replying me, please

camuflag camuflag at
Sun Dec 7 02:38:16 PST 2003

Dear Mr..

My name is Ziad Fazah. Indeed, after having installed Freebsd version 
5.1 on my pc, I found out that  its kernel had detected all my hardware 
cards. Meanwhile, on having ended up the installation on my pc, I 
noticed that by clicking on exit sysinstall and removing my CD in order 
to reboot the system, the installation itself didn't led me into a 
graphical environment. Unfortunately, it left me in a shell, wherein it 
was written  Grub. Thus, I do ask you urgently what to do, in the sense 
of being led into a graphical environment. Moreover, only twice, I 
managed to get at the login and the password successfully, but 
afterwards, I couldn't go further. On the other hand, my attempts foiled 
to get at the graphical environment. Don't you think that it might be a 
certain mistake of this version? Please, help me.

                         Ziad Fazah

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