Out of pty's

Justin Burke mlist-freebsd-questions at alt255.com
Sat Dec 6 20:01:48 PST 2003

* Lee Harr (missive at hotmail.com) wrote:
> >How do I find out the limit of ptys on my system? (sysctl doesn't
> >seem to show anything relevant.)
> >
> >How do I increase that value? The pseudo-pty value in the kernel config
> >has no assigned value (ie. we are using the default).... but what is the
> >default?
> >
> Which version of FreeBSD?


> I had a similar problem on my 4.9-stable box. What I did was use
> /dev/MAKEDEV to create some more pty devices.
> ls /dev/pty*
> will show you how many you have, then
> /dev/MAKEDEV pty1   (can also use pty2 pty3 pty4 etc)
> will create more.

It seems that creating the devices isn't the problem. I just can't get
screen and ssh to actually use those ptys. I'm going just rebuild the
kernel with modification suggested in the FAQ.


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