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Sat Dec 6 00:06:36 PST 2003

Hi all,

(My mailserver is currently offline and this address is not subscribed, 
please cc me in all replies, thanks)

I'm waiting for my new internet connection to be setup here, and in the 
meantime I'm starting to configure my network accordingly.

I'm going to have a static IP - say xx.xx.yy.zz - and a subnet as follows: 

My plan is to run a FreeBSD router to have the subnet routed through the 
static IP.  I've already got the static routes I need to add figured out.  I 
still have some questions at this point (this setup is new to me):

1.  Do I need to inform the ISP of my intentions so that people can actually 
connect to an IP which is part of my subnet, but behind this router I intend 
to build? (I didn't think it was necessary until I read 19.2.5 in the 
handbook - it doesn't seem like it's necessary based on that alone, but it 
has placed some doubt in my mind).

2.  I currently run my FreeBSD router on a cable connection while waiting 
for the new ISP to get setup.  I use NAT to translate the EXT. IP to the 
internal ones of my lan.  I don't need to run nat for the setup I plan to 
have do I?

3.  Finally, I've read (briefly thus far) about routed on FreeBSD.  Would 
this daemon be used in such a way that I don't even need to add static 
routes for LAN?

Again, this address is not subscribed, so please answer by putting my 
address in the cc: field.


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