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-Mark Hillis- (Netway Technical Support) markh at
Fri Dec 5 11:37:52 PST 2003


I have FreeBSD 4.8 installed on my 400mhz amd with 256mb ram (this is probably useless info)

I was wondering how I install packages like emacs? are they on the CD? can I choose them from the install menu? the reason I ask is because I didn't see it listed in the install options but maybe I over looked it...

sorry this is like 20 questions, but also normally when I used freebsd at work I and would be typing a path and I could hit tab and it would finish the path for me or tell me what file names are close/similar but when I hit tab on my FreeBSD box it just tabs spaces... I figured maybe I was using the wrong shell... if so how do I change shells? is this the problem? 

the reason I figured it was the wrong type of shell... is because del/delete doesn't backspace either, it gives me weird characters like "^something " the delete/del problem might just be that is a rule my admin had set or something but I don't know so I'm not really concerned with that but if it helps to understand what I might be doing wrong then shout it out right?

thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give

-Mark Hillis- 

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