damaged package database

Alin-Adrian Anton aanton at reversedhell.net
Thu Dec 4 17:37:16 PST 2003

    Hi folks,

    This is the output of pkg_info:

libmpeg2-0.3.1_1    A free library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video 
libnet-1.0.2a,1     A C library for creating IP packets
libogg-1.0_1,3      Ogg bitstream library
pkg_info: read_plist: bad command '@conflicts libshout-1.0.7'
[03:32:37][root at cp:/usr/ports/audio/libshout]$


[03:35:00][root at cp:/usr/ports/audio/libshout]$ make install
[03:35:00][root at cp:/usr/ports/audio/libshout]$ make deinstall
===>  Deinstalling for audio/libshout
===>   libshout not installed, skipping
[03:35:19][root at cp:/usr/ports/audio/libshout]$

    And pkg_info still gives the same output.

    Can anyone please point me out how could I fix the package database?
    Thanks in advance, folsk.

    Alin-Adrian Anton.

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