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To get your sound card found in FBSD version 4.9 add   device pcm
statement to your kernel source and recompile your kernel. I do not
know why this statement has not been added to the generic kernel.
To get your pc to find your Nic cards try adding    device puc
statement to your kernel source and recompile your kernel. Some
older PC bios have trouble figuring out PCI Nic cards irq's. You can
also try changing your Bio setting to disable plug-n-play option.
Also be sure no Nic card is in the number 1 PCI slot, that's the
slot closest to the power supply on most motherboards.

Read the FBSD handbook for instructions on how to recompile your

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Honourable Mr Park

My name is Ziad Fazah.Indeed, I have already emailed you twice,
concerning the non-possibility of Freebsd installation version 4.7.
after having installed Freebsd version 4.9, I got disappointed at
Freebsd Kernel, because it didn't recognize my sound card and the
ethernet controller.Thus, Iam asking you, whether there have been
switches on version 5.1 , referring  to its kernel. Unfortunately, I
couldn't install it, due to the fact of having stopped immediately
announcing: Unknown cards. Thus, I checked out all irqs, and
I realized that my network card and the network sound hadn't been
recognized by Freebsd. What a deception!! In anyway, I shall be
  a response from you as soon as possible, and thanks a lot for your
                        Yours Faithfully,
                        Ziad Fazah

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