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On Wednesday 03 December 2003 18:21,
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> Hello everyone. Hows everyone doing tongith/today? Well, I'm taking a
> week off of work and thought I would read up on Security/Networking and
> anything else to do with making my system/webserver secure. I am going
> to Best Buy (ya i know, but it's the only computer related store in this
> shitty town so.) to buy a router and was just wanting to see what people
> could recommend on which ones are good. I've nver really gotten into
> this kinda thing before but want to learn. Will there be anything extra
> that I should get while I'm at the store? Cables etc? I only have one pc
> is there any point in having a router with one pc? Any links to how to
> set this up on FreeBSD? Thanks in advance.

If you're really in a learning mood...hit up some friends for an old PII or 
junker lying around, throw 2 NICs in it and viola.. a router :) Probably a 
little harder to config then a Linksys you would find at BestBuy..but 
infinitely better :) Throw some big HD's in there and you have yourself a 
nice file server / backup server

You'll realy be able to tweak it and learn much more about security, etc... 
plus nmapping your own boxes is always fun and won't get you in trouble :)

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