XFree86 from scratch/ports?

Kent Stewart kstewart at owt.com
Wed Dec 3 11:37:19 PST 2003

On Wednesday 03 December 2003 11:05 am, Minnesota Slinky wrote:
> Hello again,
> Where is the appropriate procedure for getting XFree86
> installed from ports, with startx and everything
> working?  I didn't install X with my base install, and
> this is the first time I've tried straight from ports.
>  Please point me in the right direction...

If you have a 5.1 CD, you can
mount /cdrom
cd /cdrom/packages/All
pkg_add XFree86-4.3.0,1.tbz
pkg_add kde-3.1.2.tbz

The meta-ports take care of adding everything for you.

You have to xf86cfg and, in my case, add "exec startkde" to .xinitrc. I didn't 
consider the xdm enviroment a window and decided to use KDE. I want my login 
startup to be a cli and I do a startx to fire up kde. There are other 

I don't remember where I read about the .xinitrc. There is a KDE FAQ that 
includes how to start KDE but it is mostly in Linux terms. That becomes a 
bootstrap problem. You have to have KDE running to find out about the FAQ. 
The www.kde.org probably has something but you have to know about the URL and 
that is another bootstrap problem.

If you want to use gnome, I can't comment. I liked KDE and haven't tried 

You could build everything from /usr/ports but I think of that as a follow up 
project after you get your environment working. I can't imagine doing a 
initial system install using installkernel and installworld and think of a 
port "make install" to be equally slow logic.

I usually have a system listening to an Internet radio station and if more 
than 2 songs play during the install, I think I did something wrong.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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