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Wed Dec 3 06:06:23 PST 2003

> How can I list all files in a directory that are 7+ days
> old? (That is except last 7 days) 
> is that possible with use any command(s) on Freebsd4,x ?

Please, consider the following when you post your questions to this
mailing list (applies also to others):

1. Wrap your lines at ~ 72 characters. This will help people with CLI
   MUAs as well as it will produce still readable messages when a
   paragraph is quoted several times.

2. Choose a reasonable subject. This will increase the probablity that
   somebody will take the time to read your message and answer it.

3. Most important: Please stop posting the same question several times
   with different subjects (like you did 4 (!) times with this one

   Email is an ansynchronous medium, and the person who is be able and
   willing to answer your question might live on the the other half of
   our beloved planet Earth in a totally different time zone.
   Also, peoples' time is limited, so some will read their (FreeBSD)
   mailing lists not every day. When you repost your message, you will
   annoy them and won't spend their time to help you.

If you obey these simple rules of netiquette, you will find that this
mailing list is a source of valuable information where lots of nice and
helpful people share their FreeBSD experiences.

Now, to your question:

The command in question is `find'. To learn about find, read its man
page (esp. useful: the EXAMPLE section):

% man find

In your case, the command line looks like this:

% find /path/to/your/directory -mtime +7d

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