"Cannot find file system superblock" error - how to recover?

Scott I. Remick scott at sremick.net
Wed Dec 3 00:06:13 PST 2003

Running 5.1-REL on a system w/ 2 drives. Was saving a file to 2nd drive
(mounts as /data) and system suddenly froze then rebooted. Never good. Fsck
barfed on startup telling me I had to run it manually. The error I'm stuck
with is:

Cannot find file system superblock

Searching on this error hasn't been very productive. Some people talk about
a "LOOK FOR ALTERNATE SUPERBLOCKS?" question that I'm not getting when I run
fsck. There's also mention of an undocumented -b option to fsck for fixing
this. Then there's some scary manual method using dd:

dd if=/dev/ad6s1c skip=32 of=/dev/ad6s1c seek=16 bs=512 count=16

But before I do that I definitely want confirmation. Please tell me there's
hope for this drive...this Windows PC makes me feel dirty.  Thanks in
advance. :)

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