userland PPPoE LQM/LQR alternative

nil000 at nil000 at
Mon Dec 1 19:46:56 PST 2003

The monopoly ADSL provider in australia recently began migrating users 
to new hardware which has been configured to ignore LQR packets 
(RFC1989).  This was a simple way for the FreeBSD box to decide if the 
link is down or not.  So now I cant use "enable lqr" in my ppp.conf, 
otherwise the session gets dropped every 3 minutes or so from lack of a 
LQR response from the provider.  I'd like to have some way for the box 
to detect link failure and to try connecting again, but would rather not 
implement a "custom" solution such as scripting regular pings etc.

I have had someone suggest trying LCP echo to detect link failure, 
however from what I have read so far this seems only to be an option in 
kernel-mode pppd, not user-mode ppp.  Can anyone point me in the 
direction of a PPPoE solution that makes use of an established protocol?



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