HP/UX NFS client (and general TCP/IP) problems with FreeBSD?

Thomas David Rivers rivers at dignus.com
Mon Dec 1 19:28:04 PST 2003

I've been scouring the net looking for someone else that
has a similar problem; but I haven't found anything.

The situation we have is a new HP/UX 11.0 system, which is
doing an NFS mount from a FreeBSD 4.3 system.   Even though
we've dropped to NFS V2 and set the rsize/wsize on the HP/UX
client to 1024 each - we're still seeing *terrible* performance
on the HP/UX side... as if packets are being dropped right-and-left.

In general - it seems TCP/IP between the HP/UX system and
the FreeBSD server (even, say, FTP) moves really slowly.

However, the HP/UX box communicates just find with the Solaris

Has anyone seen this before?   And, if so, any recommendations
on proper settings?

	- Thanks! -
	- Dave Rivers -

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     my e-mail address directly in any follow-up.

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