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> Thanks for the information. 

My plesure.

> What do you mean by unregistered?  

I supose you refer to my signature. Well the short story is an allusion
at some linux users, their 
Linux registered user #nnnnnnn 
signatureand the way some of them see the rest of the world based on how
small the number is --> how old linux user one is. The ideea came to me
from a chat at thread a few years ago and basicaly want to say
that not the age is important but what you know and learn. I'm using
FreeBSD since 2.2.4 but I know a few people that learned more that me in
just a few months ;) It is also an allusion at the activation,
registering and the rest wonderfull things of M$.

> I want to
> explain what I meant about booting to DOS from Windows 98 Start-up Menu. Can
> I do the following (C: bootable; D: orig formatted FAT32 not bootable to
> Windows, 2  partitions - 1 FAT32, 1 BSD)..
> 1. Boot to Windows Start-up Menu
> 2. Choose 'Command Prompt Only'
> 3. C:>CD D:
> If that would work I think it would be the most attractive to me. The file
> FBSDBOOT.EXE sounds like magic.. it must be a Windows package, yes? 

DOS to be more exact.

> Could
> you possibly Format FDisk one of the new portable USB2.0 drives, install DOS
> 6.2 on one partition and FreeBSD on another and take the server w/ you?


> the latest distribution of FreeBSD support USB 2.0? 

Depending on the MB yes or no. See the hardware notes for the release
you whant to use.

> I'm dreamin' here but I
> am scrambling because XP is a can of worms and Longhorn will be worse.

As I didn't / don't use FBSDBOOT.EXE I can not say much about it. You
might what to review:
and the thead 

As far as I know this utility is usefull on some older BIOSes that don't
know LBA but could also be used to skip installing the MBR code
(BootEasy, which I trust more).

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD user

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