pppd / poptop

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Sun Aug 31 21:43:47 PDT 2003

Lo all,

Very arb and weird problem... I've followed all the docs that google could
return (they all mostly the same in any case), and yeah...

My PPTP server *does* work.. As long as I don't terminate more than one
connection at a time to the server *shock horror*.  For some reason (and I
suspect I know why), ppp insist on only using one device for all the
incoming PPTP connections from poptop.  Obviously not right, and err, ja.. I
need to get this fixed... Very urgently as well.

My streamlined ppp.conf:
  accept dns
  allow mode direct
  disable chap
  disable mschap
  disable mschapv2
  enable lqr
  enable pap
  set device localhost:pptp
  set dial
  set dns
  set ifaddr
  set log Connect
  set login
  set radius /etc/ppp/ppp.radius
  set server /tmp/loop "" 0177
  set timeout 0

Now, I suspect that it is only using one device (regardless of the number of
connections), due to the device (socket) specification.  But frankly, if I
don't specify it what device to use, it won't even be able to operate a
single pptp connection.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.  I need to get this resolved asap.  I
didn't send any logs from ppp.... PPP and the PPTP connections works 100% -
even with Radius.  The problem is purely that PPP always uses the same
device, regardless of the amount of connections (ala tun0).  My kernel does
have allot of tunX devices, and ifconfig -a lists at least two available.
Still, ppp only uses the one.

I'm sad to say, but if I can't get this to work, I'm going to have to be
forced to scrap my BSD box for a W2K Adv server... *sigh*, at least their
RAS server works okish...


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