scripting the buildworld/installworld process

Charles Howse chowse at
Sun Aug 31 16:06:01 PDT 2003

> bw w -j5
> 893.563u 311.353s 30:31.44 65.7%        1302+1591k 53927+138930io 
> 2331pf+0w
> The wall clock time is really how efficient your process is. The fact 
> that your user time or sys time is faster doesn't mean much 
> if the wall 
> clock time is 1/3 longer. 

Wall clock?  Would that be 30:31.44 from above?

> I think that once you have it setup, I will probably make my 
> KISS simple 
> script more complicated :). I have one machine that the mouse doesn't 

Glad to share, if that's what you mean.

After re-reading your page about scripting the buildworld, I see an
opportunity to test my script.  

I never thought about putting /usr/src and /usr/obj on different HDD's.
I have 2 ATAPI HDD in my box, on different IDE busses, so that should
work out well.
I'll also need to adjust some slice sizes as well.

How much space do you recommend for /var if I'm logging like you do?
It's currently:
Disk1 - 
/ 100M
swap 256M
/var 200M
/usr <remainder> about 1.8G
Disk2 - 
/disk2 <entire disk> 7.8G

So I assume /usr/obj should be on the second HDD?
About how much space should I reserve?

Looks like I should also adjust my script to remove the -j4, eh?

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