Sun Aug 31 14:17:15 PDT 2003

right on glad to hear someone has this program working as i am sort of 
lost mgetty starts ok i think as i get this in my ps -aux

root      487  0.0  1.2  1048  704  ??  S     2:34PM   0:00.03 
/usr/local/sbin/mgetty cuaa1
root        0  0.0  0.0     0    0  ??  DLs   7:58AM   0:00.00  (swapper)
[Sun Aug 31] 02:34 PM [0]

but i want to use vgetty and all the docs talk about /etc/inittab i do 
not think this file exists in freebsd so where do i make my changes so 
that vgetty starts instead of mgetty

also my log file for mgetty.cuaa1 has some problems with my modem mabey 
you can help me with that too.

i use freebsd 4.8 and a usr 3com pci modem
this is what bsd sees for a dmseg
sio0: <3COM PCI FaxModem> port 0x6c00-0x6c07 irq 9 at device 15.0 on pci0
sio0: moving to sio4
sio4: type 16550A

this is my mgetty log mabey i should turn up my debug settings however i 
really hate to reboot my system
Is there a way to reset mgetty vgetty without rebooting as my isp 
changes ipaddress alot  which causes my lots of dns greif and missed 
emails and web hit etc etc etc

08/31 15:09:19 aa1  mgetty: experimental test release 1.1.30-Dec16
08/31 15:09:19 aa1  check for lockfiles
08/31 15:09:19 aa1  locking the line
08/31 15:09:22 aa1  WARNING: DSR is off - modem turned off or bad cable?
08/31 15:09:22 aa1  lowering DTR to reset Modem
08/31 15:09:23 aa1  send: ATS0=0Q0&D3&C1[0d]
08/31 15:09:23 aa1  waiting for ``OK''
08/31 15:09:43 aa1  timeout in chat script, waiting for `OK'
08/31 15:09:43 aa1  init chat timed out, trying force-init-chat
08/31 15:09:43 aa1  send: \d[10][03]\d\d\d+++\d\d\d[0d]\dATQ0V1H0[0d]
08/31 15:09:47 aa1  waiting for ``OK''
08/31 15:10:07 aa1  timeout in chat script, waiting for `OK'
08/31 15:10:07 aa1  init chat failed, exiting...: Interrupted system call
08/31 15:10:07 ##### failed in mg_init_data, dev=cuaa1, pid=572

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