fast typing

Walter C. Pelissero walter at
Sun Aug 31 12:21:19 PDT 2003

When recently I've switched to a PS/2 Keyboard attached to a USB
converter I started to experience strange typos.

The problem is extra characters sent to the machine while typing
fairly fast.  It can be easily reproduced doing this:

 1. xset r off
 2. press and keep pressed a key, say 'd'
 3. press and keep pressed another key, say 'w'
 4. release the first key
 5. at this point you should see "dwww" which is not what I expect
 6. release the second key
 7. at this point I see a "dwwww"

On a PS/2 keyboard connected directly to a PS/2 port (no converter in
between), this doesn't happen.  Unfortunately I've got no USB
keyboard to try directly without the USB->PS/2 converter.

I was wondering if this is a problem of the USB converter or a
problem of the ukbd driver.

Does anybody else experience the same behaviour?


walter pelissero

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