find -type not working on release 5.1?

Herculano de Lima Einloft Neto hlen at
Sun Aug 31 07:44:58 PDT 2003

Joshua Oreman wrote: 
> Make sure you really are typing "find /etc -type d", with the -type after
> the /etc. Something like this: "find -type d /etc", would return those
> errors.

 I think I was actually using "find -type d" alone, which works on
redhat.. Got to use 
"find . -type d" here.

> >]$ ls x* 
> >
> >  doesn't seem to work right either.. it's >returning all the
> files..? g*
> >works though..
> > 
> I don't know what you mean by "works"/"doesn't work". Could you
> elaborate a little here?

   Well, I'm used to redhat bash, and even though this is bash, on
redhat "ls x* -d"  is good syntax; on freebsd it isn't. So that was it..
got what I wanted with "ls -d x*". :)

Herculano de Lima Einloft Neto <hlen at>

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