Mail notificator (iconized) for checking remote pop server ?

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Sun Aug 31 04:27:05 PDT 2003


All my email arrives at a remote machine (RH 7.2 Linux box),
from which I pop this email to my own FreeBSD PC.

I'm searching a small application that notifies me by checking
every few minutes the remote pop server for new mail. And it should
do that while iconized (to get rid of all the window-manager's
decoration around the window).

My present solution does that, but is far too bulky for this
purpose, since it needs full Netscape communicator running:

Netscape communicator ("netscape -mail") is running on my own PC
and iconized. It pops the remote mail server every 10 minutes.
Note that Netscape communicator is the only application, as far
as I, that changes its appearance on new email, when iconized!

Is there another, much smaller, application that does this too?

(The archaic xbiff, for example, does neither change its appearance
when iconized, nor can check a remote pop server).


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