Hendrik Hasenbein hhasenbe at
Sun Aug 31 02:27:57 PDT 2003

Alan Batie wrote:
> OK, I got a D-Link USB 2 pci card, and now the devices get seen at
> boot up, though it still thinks it's uhci instead of ohci; I don't know
> what's what, but thought uhci was 1.1 and ohci was 2.0:
No, UHCI and OHCI are both USB 1.1. USB 2.0 host controllers are calles 
EHCI. EHCI can double as UHCI or OHCI for campatibility.

OHCI = Open Host Controller Interface (USB 1.x)
UHCI = Universal Host Controller Interface (USB 1.x)
EHCI = Enhanced Host Controller Interface (USB 2.0)


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