Trouble setting up multiple boot on big disk

Brett Glass brett at
Sat Aug 30 18:02:58 PDT 2003

At 04:17 AM 8/30/2003, Hendrik Hasenbein wrote:

>I got a problem when my BIOS was on auto adressing mode for the drive. I switched it to LBA and now every system see the same layout.

I don't think that this was the problem. I ultimately installed V Communications'
"System Commander," moved the FreeBSD partition to the beginning of the drive (in
case the problem was that it couldn't be too far from the beginning), and did get
FreeBSD installed. The only problems were (a) updating the system for the latest
security problems; and (b) getting the CD-ROM/DVD drive to work after a warm boot
(it works after a cold boot, but FreeBSD hangs when probing it on a warm boot).

I still haven't found a fix for the latter problem. Ideas?

--Brett Glass

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