php4-cgi --> internal server errror (solution)

Benjamin Thelen (CCGIS) thelen at
Sat Aug 30 14:11:13 PDT 2003

> Hi,
> I think I know what you're talking about, it's the UMN Mapserver for GIS
> application. Basically it's the php-mapscript part which needs php to be
> compiled as cgi. It's a wonderful open source GIS app which works very
> nice
> and very stable once configured correctly but it's a major pain in the
> butt
> to get it right.
> As for the internal server error "premature end of script header", it
> could
> be either one of the many reasons :
> - the http header is not properly generated.
> - wrong permission
> - wrong directory path
> - apache port is screwed.
> - php4-cgi port is screwed.
> - and some other reasons unknown.
> Try writing a simple php script which contains <?php phpinfo() ?> and cat
> it
> through the php binary in your cgi-bin. See if it generates proper HTTP
> header + all the config stuffs correctly. I upgraded to php4.3.3rc4 from
> the
> port on my own box and I have different problem altogether. The last
> working
> version of php compiled as cgi for me is from 4.3.0 version, that is, not
> installing from port but by hand instead (tar xzvf, config,...manually).
> So
> try by hand as well, and see if anything changes. You do have a backup
> copy
> of last working php-cgi binary, don't you ?
> Sorry can't help any farther but I share your pain man.
> Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 21:12:08 +0200 (CEST)
> From: "Benjamin Thelen (CCGIS)" <thelen at>
> Subject: php4-cgi --> internal server errror
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> Hi,
> sorry, I've already posted this into the German user list, but as I am
> still completely stuck I hope to find some more hints/help here.
> Systems:
> FreeBSD 4.7 (mod_php4 - a little changed)& 4.8 (php4-cgi - the latest)
> Apache 1.3.27 and 28
> We need to run php as cgi, because of the requirements of software we run
> (called umn-mapserver - if somebody knows). Half a year ago I basically
> followed the instructions I found on the umn-mapserver wiki-pages:
> I quote, that's shorter:
> (
> <quote>
> PHP's default 'configure' behavior is to build a 'php' CGI executable.
> It's the --with-apxs and/or --with-apache PHP configure options that
> enable PHP to be built as an Apache DSO.
> build PHP as a CGI ... don't provide the --with-apxs or
> --with-apache switch to the PHP configure.
> Then once you have a 'php' executable, copy it to your server's cgi-bin
> directory and add to your httpd.conf:
>   AddType?  application/x-httpd-php .php3
>   AddType?  application/x-httpd-php .phtml
>   AddType?  application/x-httpd-php .php
>   Action application/x-httpd-php /cgi-bin/php
> </quote>
> As I could not find an ordinary php-port (not sure now, it's month ago), I
> removed one "--with-apxs" entry within the Makefile from www/mod_php4 (!)
> and php ran as cgi!
> Half a year later, I updated the ports-tree and I was happy to see a
> www/php4-cgi port and immediately checked this out on a test system. This
> time, I did not edit the php4-cgi makefile of course, as I expected to
> have php4 as cgi compiled. I again copied the php-binary, as said above to
> cgi-bin and surprisingly saw only "500 - internal server error" and I
> found a "Premeture end of script headers: /usr/local/www/cgi-bin/php in
> httpd-error.log.
> One thing you have to know is, that our scripts are in
> /usr/local/www/data/"our-php-application". This worked on this 4.7/this
> edited mod_php4-system very well.
> I posted to the Germany user list, checked google. I found a few hints,
> but nothing really helped.
> e.g.:
> My question basically is:
> How do I setup this php/cgi environment?
> One way, I was told and can be found on is to add a
> "#!/usr/local/lib/php" on top of every php-Skript and all scripts need
> chmod a+x and need to be in /cgi-bin. This would work. But it is a little
> uncomfortable way and the main thing is that it would not work with our
> "php-application", which is a set of css, html, php, pictures, so
> pictures, css, etc would be parsed, too!
> There are other solutions, one with an AddHandler directive in httpd.conf,
> but I don't get that running.
> As it worked half a year ago and as there is a similar way in IIS, to map
> an extension (.php) to an application (c:\php\bin\php.exe), I suppose that
> there is a similar way, but I am just to blind to find the solution!
> My second question is:
> Why did it work with those instructions from umn-mapserver wiki-pages and
> why does the same thing not work now?
> One way to find out, what's wrong, was to cp /bin/cat to
> /usr/local/www/cgi-bin/php. But the error is the same.
> I would be very grateful for hints/help!
> Thanks in advance!
> Best Regards,
> Benjamin
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Hi all,

sorry for that late response! It took, quite a while to find the solution.

Yes, it is the UMN Mapserver and yes it the php-mapscript part which needs
php to be compiled as a cgi. BTW, I don't get the mapscript-part from
mapserver 4.0 compiled. They changed the php-mapscript Makefile a little,
so that older workarounds don't help anymore. Right, that's for another
list. Sorry :-).

I found out, how get php as cgi running on FreeBSD using ports/www/php-cgi.

To start with: The following lines are required in apache httpd.conf. I
never had something else! Lucas mail with the Windows example showed, that
these entries always were correct and I was able to get that running on a
debian machine:

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /usr/local/www/cgi-bin/
<Directory /usr/local/www/cgi-bin>
    AllowOverride None
    Options ExecCGI
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
AddType  application/x-httpd-php .php
Action application/x-httpd-php /cgi-bin/php

I downloaded the original source code and compiled it, having configured
it just with ./configure. I copied the php-binary to
/usr/local/www/cgi-bin and I couldn't believe it, php was running as a
So it was just a thing to find out which option causes this error. It is
the "--enable-discard-path" which is used as a default by
Having compiled php with this option on debian causes the same symptom!

But I want to use ports. I edited the ports/lang/php4 Makefile like this:

CONFIGURE_ARGS= --enable-versioning \
                --enable-force-cgi-redirect \ # recommended for cgi
                --with-regex=system \         # needed by mapserver*
                --enable-memory-limit \
                --with-layout=GNU \
                --with-zlib-dir=/usr \

*Actually the following part would do the same, but I couldn't find out
how to tell 'make' WITH_REGEX_TYPE=system. So I changed the Makefile a
There is another knob 'WITH_LZW' but it's the same problem. I don't know
how to tell 'make' this. Does somebody know?

#.if !defined(WITH_REGEX_TYPE) || ${WITH_REGEX_TYPE} == "php"
#.if ${WITH_REGEX_TYPE} == "system"
#.if ${WITH_REGEX_TYPE} == "apache"

this the major part to get php4-cgi running on FreeBSD:

#.if defined(WITHOUT_APACHE)
#PLIST_SUB+=    APACHE="@comment "

Finally I of course would like know what it's all about 'discard-path' why
does the maintainer Alex Dupres use this as a default and why conflicts my
httpd-configuration with 'discard-path'!?


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