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> I'm a Windows system administrator trying to learn FreeBSD.  I have
installed 5.0 on a few machine in my home lab and have the FreeBSD complete
> My question is, what next?  What kind of things, applications etc should I
do to get more familiar with the OS?  My goal is to use OS for system and
security administration.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
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Hmm.. System and security administration..

Apache, Big Brother, Snort, Snort-Snarf, MRTG, and nmap to name a few.

Big Brother, MRTG, Snort-Snarf need Apache to display the data.

Snort-Snarf reads the Snort logs and displays them in an html format.

nmap can be used to scan systems on your network to detect open ports to
give you an indication of what services are on the network.

MRTG can be used to monitor your router or just about anything that can
provide snmp data and even some things that don't use snmp.


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
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