FreeBSD 5.1 + TeamSpeak + Quake3

Ricardo Mesquita ricardomesquita at
Sat Aug 30 08:07:21 PDT 2003

FreeBSD 5.1 + TeamSpeak + Quake3

ok so teamspeak its lovelly supported under Freebsd, congrats for the 
port mantainers and teamspeak developers

i have this sound board builtin,

pcm0: <Nvidia nForce2 AC97 controller> at io 0xd000, 0xd400 irq 5 bufsz 
16384 (1p/1r/4v channels duplex default)

i have virtual sound channels

dsp0.0 dsp0.1 dsp0.2 dsp0.3 dsp0.4 dspW0.0 dspW0.1 dspW0.2 dspW0.3 
dspW0.4 dspr0.0

sysctl hw.snd.pcm0.vchans set to 4
sysctl hw.snd.maxautovchans set to 4

I had tryed tying Teamspeak to one specific device, like /dev/dsp0.3 and 
quake3 to /dev/dsp0.1 but that doesnt work.
Either way one shoots back that the device is in use.

I can play mp3s while on quake3, i can be on Teamspeak and watch a movie 
while on mplayer.
I think its related to the way qk3 deals with sound device and mmap sys 

Another weird problem is passing +s_initsound 0 to disable the sound or 
passing another sound device that inst present (example /dev/dsp100) and 
while on TS, that will start the game without sound, you get into the 
GUI, menus etc, the map loads, but as soon you press move forward, 
backwards etc it crashes with a sig11.

One solution would be releasing some euros to buy a better soundcard, 
one that can do hardware sound mixing, but as much i could imagine that 
will solve my problem i want to sort and try all options with this one.
by the way the mobo is an asus a78nx-x.

Any help or pointer in any direction will be appreciated
thank you

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