Quicktime Trailers

Hendrik Hasenbein hhasenbe at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Sat Aug 30 07:30:20 PDT 2003

Monah Baki wrote:
> Hi all, I'm trying to setup a Freebsd 5.1 machine to be able to watch quicktime trailers from 
> apple's website. I installed from ports:
> qtutils
> libquicktime
> openquicktime
> However, the site tells me I'm still missing a plugin and can't view the trailer. Any help will be 
> highly appreciated.

To get a plugin in your browser I recommend to use ports/mplayerplug-in. 
That should allow you to view the trailer. If you get no sound, don't 
worry. That's not your fault. Some new trailer use an audiocodec which I 
only got in the latest windoze qt-player. It won't even play sound on a Mac.


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