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Vitali Malicky life at
Sat Aug 30 07:19:30 PDT 2003

> Vitali Malicky wrote:
> > What about DRAGON? There is also such a term as DRAGON. Yes, I'm all
> > serious. cron is a DRAGON, for example. DRAGON is a process which may
> > other processes periodically under a user specified. What about it? And
> > my colleagues, and me as well, refer to it also as PROCESS.
> You've made me curious. Can you explain me the acronym DRAGON? Or did
> you just make that up?

OK, Hendrik! On monday I'll take "A Student's Guide To UNIX(C)" by Harley
Hann which I began with 5 years ago, and I'll quote for you and for all dear
All the whole paragraph where it's explained.


> Hendrik


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