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Sat Aug 30 05:54:07 PDT 2003

> Please read entire article before sending any comment to me.


> Why would any one wish to change the term "DAEMON", "D.A.E.Mon.", and
> and execution monitor", to a more fitting title.
> In practice this term has grown outdated. For today it stands that many
> people in the world abroad don't profusely rely on the veritable "disk
> storage as a complete solution. There are other storage mediums which are
without a
> disk. For example: Flash cards, USB pen drives and the sort have no
> rotary disks.

In my, I hope, humble opinion, this term will be preserved due to
traditional inclines of human nature. Very few individuals know the meaning
of DAEMON term. And, as I've much heard from other admins, many of them,
including me, refer to DAEMON using another term - PROCESS. "The snmpd
process worked much time...", "There are 340 httpd processes..." and so

> It would be more fitting to address the storage units as media or storage
> media. Thus the title DAEMON could be reverted to SMAEMON or Storage Media
> Executon MONitor.

What about DRAGON? There is also such a term as DRAGON. Yes, I'm all
serious. cron is a DRAGON, for example. DRAGON is a process which may run
other processes periodically under a user specified. What about it? And many
my colleagues, and me as well, refer to it also as PROCESS.

> Even further involved is the choice of the term "execution". The term
> execution, is not as precise as Tasks or Processes for a naming
convention. For
> example, in Windows 2000, there is a task manager. In that task manager
there are
> processes and applications that can be canceled.

Open "top", and (s)he who can read the top output can see anything needed
from there. If it turns out insufficent information then use "ps". After
close study of the output from these two commands you can kill a process (ie
to cancel it), in other words you use "kill" command to send a signal to the
process of your interest: -1, -9 , -15, and there many more to your choice.
Read man page signal(3). By the way, are there, among my dear audience,
women-feminists, who would like to replace the "man" (short for "manual")
command for, say,  "wom" (short for "wonderful manual")? Hey! Any ideas?

> Sure, MIT's CTSS people came up with the term, DAEMON, as noted in
>, but would you want to keep it?
> In this world, would you like to have a term in the future that connotes a
> certain religious involvement? It could provoke any further controversy in
> public if the Unix and Linux community goes even further into the Desktop
> market. Particularly groups of people could simply dismiss the operating
> since it has many references to a program that connotes an adverse
spirits. Thus
> dissuading them from purchasing, developing, or involving there self in
> a product.  The mere suggestion of an affiliation or like thereof of an
> offending spirit, based on their preference of relation/religion with this
> would turn them away from such product.
> In other words, why would a spiritually right person want to associate
with a
> daemon [demon]?

As a Russian saying goes "Each thinks according to the measure of his/her
When a doctor hears a term "penis" he has no bad or pervert emotions. For
him/her it's just a medical term.
When a jerk or a pervert hears it...
Well, you know what (s)he can imagine and do with the subject signifed by
the term... :(
So, let's come out with an idea of total replacement of the terms "penis",
"womb", "sheath". etc... Any ideas?

> Furthermore, society in general would benefit from a newer name than
> MS Windows, Novell NetWare, OS/2 Warp, Ecomstation, Sun's Solaris and
> other operating system don't need this incorrect term floating around in
> operating systems.
> As a practical usage this term adjustment sounds very much needed and
> when proposed to the IT community and the rest of the world.

Sincerely yours

Vitali Malicky
Zone3000 TechSupport

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