Why people are not satisfied with FreeBSD?

Paul Everlund tdv94ped at cs.umu.se
Sat Aug 30 05:35:58 PDT 2003

Denis Troshin wrote:
> Hi!
> Looking  at  the  field MAILER of e-mails' headers, I see that
 > there a lot  of  people here who are using mail programs like
 > Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla    for   win32. This means that they
 > run windows systems.   So I'm  asking why still a lot of people
 > here who hadn't move toFreeBSD?
> Are  there  any  common  reasons  of why people are not satisfied
 > with FreeBSD? Why do they still prefer windows?

I have two servers at home, and a third computer on my desk, with
FreeBSD, and my girlfriend is using FreeBSD at her shop. As most
companies still uses MS Windows I do also have a fourth computer
at home, running Win2k, for developing purposes.

I guess most people use different OS:s for different purposes. And
I must say that MS for once has succeeded, with Win2k. It's quite
a good OS, although it seems to be full of security holes.

I'm VERY satisfied with FreeBSD and it's the OS I prefer for a
lot of tasks! Still Win2k has it benefits some times.

Also most drivers and games are developed for MS Windows, and hence
people who like to play games often has to stick with that OS.

Hope this answered your question.

Best regards,

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