FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE and LDAP authentication

Eivind Hestnes eivind.hestnes at
Sat Aug 30 04:22:39 PDT 2003


We are interesting in using LDAP for authentication/indentification for our users (everything from sshd, login, samba, mail)
Our servers are running FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE, and we are currently not planning to upgrade to FreeBSD 5.1 (due to lack of time)

I did a search on Google, and found this LDAP HOWTO for FreeBSD 5.1 (
As far as I understand, this kind of LDAP setup will _not_ work on FreeBSD 4.X. So here is our question: How can I make a similar LDAP authentication/indentification system for FreeBSD 4.7?

A reference to a HOWTO/or a step-by-step, would be great.

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