Trouble setting up multiple boot on big disk

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Fri Aug 29 21:14:13 PDT 2003

On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 13:22, Brett Glass wrote:
> I'm setting up a laptop which will need to dual-boot Windows 2000 Server
> (ugh!) and FreeBSD. I partitioned the large (60 GB) hard disk so that there
> was an 18 GB NTFS partition at the beginning, followed by a 20 GB partition
> for data, followed by an 18 GB partition for FreeBSD. But when I attempted
> to install FreeBSD, the disk labeling utility wouldn't let me divide the 18
> GB partition (or "slice," in traditional UNIX parlance) into file systems
> ("partitions" in UNIX parlance). I get an error message that says I can't
> do it because something's "too big."

A precise message would be helpful.

But you may be running off the end of the disk -- i.e. the FreeBSD slice may
extend past the end of the disk.

60Gb in disk manufacturers (DM) terms means 60*1000*1000*1000.
Operating systems (OS) usually take 1Gb as 1024*1024*1024
Thus 60Gb(DM) == 55.8Gb(OS) while you are perhaps looking
for 56Gb(OS)


> What limitation am I hitting, and how do I get around it?
> --Brett Glass

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