Cron on qmail not sending me logs

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Fri Aug 29 15:01:10 PDT 2003

Hello Ralph,

Friday, August 29, 2003, 4:36:35 PM, you wrote:

RD> Thank you for your replies.

I am in the process of migrating from Linux and setting up my first
FreeBSD box, so I am unfamiliar with FreeBSD, but I do know qmail well.
Qmail normally logs to its own multilog, (far superior with busy servers),
when and if you installed daemontools... For a good working knowledge of
qmail, visit

You also should have a local user on that box to handle all the dot-qmail
files and aliases.  Mail forwarding is accomplished from the .qmail files.

RD> When I manually send mail to root from either inside the box or from
RD> elsewhere, it is properly received by ralph at (an external domain).

Normally, your /var/qmail/alias/ dir contains your aliases, e.g.
.qmail-root, .qmail-abuse, .qmail-postmaster, .qmail-hostmaster, etc..
these files contain just the name of the of the user that controls the
.qmail files.. Example... ralph would be in the .qmail-root file. Then you
can put in as many .qmail files in your home dir for what you wish...
example, your main .qmail file would contain ralph at (don't need
the &, see man dot-qmail).. Just some thoughts. I suppose it works your way,
but you are limited on what you can do using that method.

Best regards,

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