restoring mysql databases from mysqldump was Re: upgrading mysql

Michelle tristan11 at
Fri Aug 29 14:33:16 PDT 2003

I ran mysqldump -A > backup-file.sql and then upgraded the mysql port, 
but now when I try to restore the backups using mysql "database name"  
< backup-file.sql, It states unknown database.  I also have a 
mysqlhotcopy backup of all my databases.  Am I doing something wrong 
when trying to recover multiple databases?  How can I recover them from 
the mysqlhotcopy rather then the dump if something went wrong with the 

On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 01:01 PM, Lucas Holt wrote:

> That sounds correct.  I would recommend doing a binary backup as well 
> in case something happens.  (i usually tar up the mysql directory with 
> the service off)
> If you want extra security, you could use the phpMyAdmin software to 
> backup the databases as well.. so you have an extra copy.  I believe 
> it actually runs mysqldump anyway though.
> If you can eventually, I'd recommend the 4.x releases.  I have had 
> great success with them.
> On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 02:56  PM, Michelle wrote:
>> I would like to upgrade mysql from mysql-server-3.23.54 to 
>> mysql-server-3.23.57 and understand that I will need to do a dump 
>> before upgrading since the upgrade needs to overwrite the databases.  
>> Since I have never done this before, I just want to make sure I have 
>> the correct steps after reading over the mysql site and the man >> pages.
>> First I will dump all of my databases:
>> mysqldump  -A > backup-file.sql
>> Then I will shutdown the mysql server and upgrade the mysql port with 
>> the environment variable OVERWRITE_DB defined when running make 
>> install.
>> To rebuild the databases do I simply use:
>> mysqldump --all-databases > backup-file.sql
>> and then restart the mysql server using mysqld_safe
>> Am I missing any steps?
>> Thank you,
>> Michelle
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