Local procmail mailer, bypassing aliases?

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.net
Fri Aug 29 13:36:02 PDT 2003

Thus spake Dan Nelson (dnelson at allantgroup.com) [29/08/03 16:22]:
> Try adding  
> to your sendmail.mc and regenerating (assuming you're using
> FEATURE(`local_procmail') ).

That will modify the local_procmail mailer to bypass local aliases, correct?
'Cept that we don't want to do that -- we want to provide /a/ mailer that
will bypass local aliases.  So that in the end, we have procmail as the LDA,
/and/ procmail as an LDA that ignores alias expansions.

It very well could actually be something in my sendmail configuration that
I'm missing, and not the mailer itself.  But I can say without a doubt that
our procmailnoalias mailer is indeed not ignoring /etc/mail/aliases.

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