Problem installing FreeBSD from DVD drive (IBM laptop)

MeTaLmAn Metalman at
Fri Aug 29 13:06:09 PDT 2003

I tried (many many times) to install Freebsd in my IBM laptop and I had this problem: the laptop doesnt have a floppy drive, it only have one hd and one dvd drive. So, I configured the BIOS to boot from DVD drive, then HD. when I turned the laptop on with the BSD cd rom on it, it started the Free BSD install program. Then, the problem: it didnt recognize that the DVD rive was d: and tried to "guess" wich device to install from. It couldnt "guess" the right device, so, it tried to start installation from default "disk0", wich was (by mistake) recognized as A:.
I tried many different BIOs settings, but nothing changed.
One thing that I noticed is that Windows also "thinks" taht my laptop have a A: drive (it appears on windows GUI).
My laptop is a IBM 600E, with PII processor, 128MB RAM and 6.4GB HD. I does have a "special" IBM exclusive BIOS, and also smething like "Doctor DOS" (it showed up when I tried to install WinME in the empty HD).
So, I'm stuck with this now... Its really bad, because I bought the laptop 1 week ago only to use FreeBSD (I had to instal Windows so it's easier to use the University network).
I hope you guys can help me, I head good things about you!
Thanks in asvance, and sorry for my bad English.
Daniel 'Metalman"

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