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Fri Aug 29 12:46:39 PDT 2003

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> Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
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> > Thank you. Yet another question: I would like to update my source tree 
> > automatically each night. However the cvs login requires a password to 
> > be typed in. Is there any way to automate this? Strangely, the cvs man 
> > page does not even mention the login command.
> The documentation for CVS is not especially well-known for being inclusive. 
> Are 
> you using CVS over SSH or in pserver mode?  The first case requires you to
> set 
> up password-less SSH authentication via ssh-keygen, the latter uses the "cvs
> login" mechanism.
> -- 
> -Chuck

I use CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs at
Is it possible to specify the password on the command line with cvs login (it
isn't secret anyhow)?
How exactly do i set up password-less authentication over SSH ? I wont be able
to create an SSH key and copy it over to the server??

- Heinrich

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