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Maybe this will help?

Especially this part:

Sound support

The sound chip is known as AC97. In FreeBSD, recompiling a kernel with device pcm included or even (not sure) using the GENERIC kernel might get sound working. In Linux, you will have to recompile your kernel or use precompiled binaries, namely : sound support (CONFIG_SOUND), and the VIA AC97 audio option (CONFIG_SOUND_VIA82CXXX), as well as its MIDI interface (CONFIG_MIDI_VIA82CXXX). This should be enough. The module to load would be via82cxxx_audio.


Looks like you already did that though - Looking on my machine I hae handy right now (4.8) there are several midi options in the kernel config (looked at LINT) - did you check if there are any with 4.5?

Jendos extolled:
> Hello!
> I'm sorry for my evil english!
> I can't solve problem by myself(crooked hands :)
> I have a Microstar P4DCE+ motherboard and freeBSD 4.5
> To enable support my onboard AC'97, I include in my kernel:
> device pcm
> options PNPBIOS
> Compile it, reboot and then give a commands:
> dmesg | grep pcm
> (pcm0...)
> cd /dev
> ./MAKEDEV snd0
> Sound card start to work, but I have no MIDI
> (I need midi, because I want to use sequencer programs like:
> Muse, Rosegarden, etc)
> What can I do?
> Thanks for help!
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