MYSQL Fresh Reinstall, How?

Aaron Wohl freebsd at
Fri Aug 29 02:04:10 PDT 2003

If you rm -rf /var/db/msyql then reinstall it doesnt work right now is
the problem... at least on freebsd.  It gives the host.frm error the
poster asked about. Ive only been able to get a new system going by
restoring the mysql database (/var/db/mysql/mysql) from elsewhere.

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003 09:33:16 +0100, "Jez Hancock" <jez.hancock at>
> On Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 02:52:56AM -0400, Ben Dover wrote:
> >   I managed to mess up my MYSQL4.1 on my 5.1 box and I can't seem to get it 
> > straightened out.  I think the best way to resolve this would be to do a 
> > fresh install of MYSQL server.  I did a pkg_delete of MYSQL-server and 
> > client and installed again from ports but I'm getting the same error 
> > messages.  Is there a way to just start out fresh like I never had MYSQL 
> > installed in the first place? The error I'm getting is:
> > 030829  2:36:36  Fatal error: Can't open privilege tables: Can't find file: 
> > './mysql/host.frm' (errno: 13)
> > 030829 02:36:36  mysqld ended
> As the previous poster said you should first try restoring your mysql
> tables (the mysql database particularly '/var/db/mysql/' and it's
> children since it's the host.frm db file that's screwing up).
> If you're not too bothered about losing the data in your mysql db then
> you can just simply move the mysql db files totally:
> mv /var/db/mysql /var/db/mysql.bak
> and then reinstall from scratch (deinstall first if you haven't already,
> it'll complain but should succeed).
> You could then copy across the dbs from /var/db/mysql.bak back into
> /var/db/mysql after the reinstall and then recreate the mysql users with
> appropriate privs on the dbs.  I _think_ this could work, but would be a
> pain.
> The best thing to do would be to just restore your mysql db from backup
> - you have those right!?  (This was about the time when _I_ started to 
> do backups regularly after having a similar problem:)
> -- 
> Jez
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