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Mark Terribile materribile at
Thu Aug 28 21:14:17 PDT 2003

>> We are having presentations on different OS in
>> our class.. and i chose the Unix freeBSD for my
>> group to do a presentation on.. i would 
>> like some info - if possible - on this system, or
>> anything that could help me with that presentation.
>> ...

>Smells like homework.

>One tip, go to read everything.

Now, now, let's all be nice.  By the time he reads
everything on, the semester will be over.
So will the next one and the one after that.

How does FreeBSD differ from other Unix-like systems?

Suggestion: Look up the man pages on the kqueue
machinery and understand why (and under what
circumstances) this can be many times more efficient
than poll() or select().  Why is this case especially
relevant to servers?  (I had an HTTP proxy server that
gained 30% in performance when poll() was replaced by
kqueue()/kevent(); this was exactly the intent behind
its design.)  (Yes, the other *BSD systems also have

If you need more, look at the new kernel threading
support coming in FreeBSD 5.x .

If you can explain these clearly and completely to
a class, you'll have learned something.

There's a man pages link right off .
A quick Google search turns up and .

Good luck.
                          ---Mark Terribile

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