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Matthew Graybosch matthew at
Thu Aug 28 14:25:40 PDT 2003

On 19:53 Thu 28 Aug     , Ahmad Memon wrote:
>    Hello..
>    We are having presentations on different OS in our class.. and i chose
>    the Unix freeBSD for my group to do a presentation on.. i would like
>    some info - if possible - on this system, or anything that could help
>    me with that presentation. So i thought maybe u could give me some
>    tips or some websites where i could find some info that could give me
>    an edge over the other students of my class.

Have you read any of the documents at Perhaps the
handbook, or some of the links listed on the "For Newbies" page would prove
useful. If course, if you really want to research FreeBSD: install it and
use it for a while.

Matthew Graybosch
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