System very slow to boot

Kevin.Greenidge1 at Kevin.Greenidge1 at
Thu Aug 28 12:13:26 PDT 2003

I really don't want sendmail anyway so I will definitly try your suggestion.
I have a dialup account and my freebsd box gets it's ip/dns info via dhcp
from the router. It looks like I'll have to setup dns locally then so it
works whether I'm connected online or not and see if that works. 


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Kevin.Greenidge1 at wrote:
> 1) Since reloading my system I find that it is very slow to boot. It looks
> like it hangs while trying the load the sendmail and sendmail-client
> daemons. It eventually boots after 20 minutes or so. I tried disabling
> sendmail but it still boots very slow. The initial bootup right after

On the chance that you really don't want sendmail (if only to run a 
different MTA such as exim, postfix or qmail), you have to set two 
values in rc.conf:


It's the latter one that tripped me up. But anyway, you do need 
functional DNS.


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