Intel/Dialogic DX40 and voicemail solutions...?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Aug 28 09:48:16 PDT 2003

Hi, all--

I have a chance to upgrade a voicemail system using a 4-port Dialogic ISA card-- 
specific revision seems to be DX42/D-- from DOS-based software called 
SmoothOperator running on a P-90 or so, the combination of which Lucent 
rebranded as "Octel 50".  [Lucent is now Avaya, and Intel owns Dialogic.]

One choice is to run an NT 4 system and pay $200 or so for one of a variety of 
voicemail products.  Is there a voicemail solution available for FreeBSD?

A quick search for "dialogic" on the website and on the supported hardware list 
returned nothing, prompting me to ask here.  If this Dialogic board is not 
supported, is there anything else in terms of TAPI hardware which would work?

Thoughts on voicemail software for FreeBSD?
It's being connected to a Lucent Definity PBX.


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