Freebsd ufs under WIN

Charles Howse chowse at
Wed Aug 27 14:18:28 PDT 2003

> > The question was:
> >> is there any utility that can mount Freebsd UFS under win 
> for read/write.
> I am almost 100% certain that the real question was:
>   "Is there a utility that can mount a FreeBSD UFS partition 
> read/write from
>    a hard drive installed in a Windows box?"
> > I have a FBSD machine running Samba.  I 'share' certain 
> directories within
> > smb.conf.  When I browse the Samba shares from my Windows 
> XP Pro machine,
> > not only can I read and write to them, I can mount them as 
> as a Network
> > drive, which is essentialy the same as a local drive.
> I understand your point, but I believe that the key was that 
> the poster
> specified "UFS" directly.

I understand.  Perhaps the OP could specify exactly what he meant to

BTW, what is the answer to your intrepretation of the question?

Also BTW, I said I could *mount* Samba shares, what I should have said
is that I can *map* Samba shares to Network drives, sorry.

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